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How We Repair Foundation:

MJ Custom Builders & Foundation Repairs provides the state-of-the-art in foundation repair and wall stabilization.

  • ·         Specializing in foundation and basement repair.
  • ·         House settlement, house leveling, and slab repair solutions.
  • ·         Structural repair performed with proprietary, specially engineered products.

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Foundation settling and shifting can be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil, improperly compacted fill soils, or from poor or erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation. Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, this settlement can ruin a building's value and even render it unsafe or unlivable.

MJ Custom Builders & Foundation Repairs  stabilizes failing or settling foundations with our proven, engineered piering system - repairs cracked & bowed basement walls with our proven, engineered wall anchor system - and reinforces settling foundations with our proven, engineered helical pier system.

About:  MJ Custom Builders & Foundation Repairs 

MJ Custom Builders & Foundation Repairs provide various solutions to solve foundation support issues including:  pier and beam anchor systems push pier systems, and wall anchoring products. Whether you are in need of foundation repair, or commercial applications we can meet and excel your needs. Our on-staff engineers can assist you with preliminary project design, as well as provide the technical foundation repair information and support you can count on.

Whether you are experiencing settling foundations, bowed basement walls, foundation cracks or cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists, a sinking slab, or are building on unsuitable foundation soils, MJ Custom Builders & Foundation Repairs has the solution for your problem.

For homeowners, commercial property owners, and engineers, MJ Custom Builders & Foundation Repairs is the right foundation repair company to solve your structural support needs. Contact us today for a free foundation inspection, evaluation and repair estimate!


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Warning signs of leveling issues

Interior Warning Signs


    Cracks in drywall or ceilings

    Sticking Windows and doors

    Cracks in concrete floors

    Gaps around door and windows

    Misaligned doors and windows

    Spaces between wall and ceiling or floor

    Uneven or sloping floors



Exterior Warning Signs


    Gaps around doors and windows

    Cracks in foundation

    Stair step racks in brick mortar

    Chimneys are tilting or leaning

    Separation cracks b/w the floor & walls

    Walls rotating outward