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Flame Control Coatings is a manufacturer of specialty coatings. We have two major product lines: Flame Retardant Paint and Coatings and Heat Resistant Paint.

Our Flame Retardant line consists of Fire Retardant, Flame Retardant, Fire Resistant and Intumescent paints and coatings as well as Flame Retardant Fabric coatings.  They protect hospitals, restaurants, other public buildings and homes from fire and allow you to meet building and fire codes. More importantly our products help save lives.

Our Hi-Heat® Coating line has high temperature paints that form extremely tough, durable, heat resistant finishes, protecting all types of metal surfaces from corrosion and weathering up to 1500°F.

If your project requires High Heat Paint or a Fire Retardant Paint – call us at MJ Custom builders & Remodeling, LLC.


Fire Retardant Coating:

Fire Retardant and Flame Retardant Paint and Coatings are used to provide additional time in a fire situation to exit a building and extra time for firefighters to do their job before the fire spreads. Fire Resistive coatings provide protection for structural steel so that buildings don't collapse in a fire. Our Flame Retardant Fabric coatings help protect drapes and tarps and other fabrics from fire. These coatings save lives!

Flame Control coatings comply with federal, state and local building and fire code requirements. They retard flame spread and penetration of heat through their intumescent-sublimative-ablative and synergistic flame suppressing action. On contact with flame or excessive heat, Flame Control Intumescent Fire Retardant Coatings decompose and puff up (intumesce) forming a thick, dense, spongy foam layer that checks flame spread and retards heat penetration.

Our coatings come in both Paint and Varnish types so that décor is not compromised when using a Flame Retardant coating. The Fire Retardant Paints are available in white, black and a wide selection of pastel colors and sheens. The Fire Retardant Varnishes are designed for various service conditions all the way up to a floor varnish. Various finishes are also available: Flat, Low, Semi and Hi-Gloss sheens.


Used By :
Most public buildings: Schools, Colleges, Nursing and Old Age Homes, Child Care Centers, Hospitals, Penal Institutions, Apartments, Hotels, Factories, Warehouses, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Utilities, Railroad and other Transportation Companies, Oil and Chemical Installations and Military Installations.


Used On:
All surfaces where it is either necessary or desirous to reduce the surface burning characteristics of combustible materials and/or to retard the penetration of heat.


For The Protection Of:
Roof Decks, Acoustical Ceiling Tile, Cellar Ceilings, Wooden Wainscoting in Stairways and Hallways, Walls, Doors, Plywood and Wall Board Partitions, Structural Steel Members, Cedar Shakes and Shingles, Railway Ties and Trestles, Piers, Electrical and Communication Cables, Mass Transit People Movers, Aircraft Engine Firewalls, Ship Bulkheads, and other surfaces requiring fire protection.

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